Preguntas frecuentes y contacto (solo en Ingles)

Preguntas frecuentes y contacto (solo en Ingles)

Frequently Asked Questions

As we want you to have the best stay possible, we gathered a set questions & answers that will help you to prepare your holiday. Of course, if you had to have one or the other complementary question, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer it with pleasure.

1. Useful information about the villa

What domestic appliances do we have in the kitchen?

This is a large kitchen equipped with a big fridge with a freezer, a dishwasher, an induction ceramic hobs, a multifunctional microwave / grill oven, a coffee machine, a laundry machine, a vacuum cleaner, ...

What multimedia devices can you find in the villa?

The villa has a large TV 16/9 flat screen with internet connection (smart TV) and a WiFi router. There is also a DVD-player.

Is there an Internet connection?

Yes, the villa is equipped with a WiFi router and an amplifier to be able to connect to the Internet on both floors of the villa.

What about the pool?

Around the pool (4mx10m) you will find 10 adjustable sun loungers and a large umbrella.

Is the pool appropriate for young children?

Yes, the pool is large (10M x 4Meters) and safe. There is a kind of low depth rotunda area which not only allows children to wade safely (this never excluding an adult supervision) but also swimmers to enter gradually in the water.

Is the villa accomodated for young children?

Yes, the villa is equipped accordingly. High chairs, dishes for children, ... are available.

How many beds equip the villa and how are they arranged?

The villa offers 4 bedrooms of which two are paired in a parent / child space (kind of family room). This « paired » bedroom contains one the one side a double bed and on the other side a bunk bed. The third bedroom has two bunk beds and an extra bed. The fourth bedroom has a double bed. In total, the villa has 11 sleeps spread over 4 bedrooms, plus a sofa bed for 2 people in the living room.

What are the size of the beds?

The single beds have a width of 90cm and a length of 200cm; the double have 160cm width and 200cm length. The mattresses are new and of excellent quality.

How many bathrooms equip the villa?

In total, the villa has 3 bathrooms. Each of them is equipped with a sink and a toilet. Two of them have a bath and a relaxation shower (rain shower system). The third has a single shower.

Can suffer from the heat in summer?

Usually not. As the villa is located on the hills, there is usually a light sea breeze that temper the heat. Furthermore, the villa is equipped with umbrellas on the terrace and the pool area. The bedroom windows are equipped with shutters that allow to air the room while keeping the heat out.

Is it easy to park a car near the house?

The villa is built in a residential area, the space between the property is large and allows to park several vehicles right outside the property.

2. Location and activities

Where is exactly situated the villa ?

The villa is situated in a residential area particularly appreciated for its tranquillity, while offering a direct access to facilities and activities. This luxury neighbourhood is called "Serra Brava" and leads down the hill to the famous beach of Canyelles.

What's the villa exposure and view ?

Built on a hill, the villa offers a magnificent sea view. The villa exposure is southeast and offers so a advantage of an ideal solar insolation.

What are the international means of transportation serving the villa?

To travel to Spain, several options are possible. By land, you can use the car, the bus or the train. From Paris, there is a qualitative motorway network of about 980 km, and from Brussels of about 1280 km. By air, both airports of Girona (35 km) and Barcelona (95 km) are nearby. Numerous "Low-cost" airline companies operate from all around Europe towards those two international airports and very regular shuttles lead you up to the sea resort of Lloret de Mar, which is very closed to our villa.

How far from the villa is situated the closest beach?

The beach of Canyelles, well-known as one of the most beautiful of the Costa Brava coast, is situated at the foot of the villa, at about 3,5 km of distance (7 to 10 min by car). Besides the beautiful fine sand beach and the crystal clear water, this place offers since its marina access to a range of nautical activities and diverse places of restoration. It is also easy to park the car as there are various parking's.

Are the beaches not too crowded in the summer?

In peak season, the beaches situated a bit outside of Lloret are quieter than the central beach of Lloret. In this respect, our villa is ideally positioned to let you benefit from the beauty of the beach of Canyelles and from other magnificent creeks (Calla Giverola, Cala Bona, Cala Llevada) which are located between Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar, just like our villa.

What are the sports activities in the region?

In a perimeter of less than 10 km, you will have the opportunity to practice your favorite sports activities (bike, running, hike, dive, tennis, quad, horse riding, golf, paintball, jet-ski, kayak, upward parachute, pedal boat, karting, swimming pools with waterslides, treetop adventure parks, theme parks for children, ...)

How far are the restaurants and the shops?

At 500m of the villa you'll find a grocery (Mercado) and also a restaurant. If you want to shop, you will gladly be surprised by the plenty of possibilities in Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar.

Could you recommend us restaurants and other 'places to go'?

Of course. We have recently created a "Location and activities" section where you can find some places to go.

How far is Barcelona from the villa?

Barcelona is about 80 km from the villa, about 1 hour by car.

Are Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar lively resorts?

Yes, Lloret and Tossa are both lively resorts. There is a all year long activity with some 'peak' from June to October. Just beside Barcelona, this is the most visited region from Cataluña.

What are the local means of transportation serving the villa?

Pour vous déplacer dans la région , vous opterez pour l'usage de votre voiture privée ou un véhicule de location (compagnies « low cost » opérant à très bas coûts en Espagne) ; voir de scooters/motos ou de vélos. Un réseau de bus performant sillonne également le littoral depuis un arrêt situé à +/- 2 km de la villa et plusieurs sociétés de taxi desservent aussi la villa vers par exemple le centre (7€).

3. Pricing

How much does it cost to rent the villa?

Via this link, you can simulate directly the rent for the desired period of reservation.

Are burdens included in the rental?

Yes, burdens for water, electricity and maintenance of the swimming pool are included in the rental. Only the cleaning of the villa at the end of the stay is not included and costs 100 €.

Is there a 'tourist tax' and an 'environmental tax'? If yes, how much are they?

The vacation rental is regulated in Spain. A tourist and environmental tax of 0.5€ by overnight is asked by the local authorities (administrative formality operated by our local representative). This tax is only due for adults (> =18 years old). You have to pay this tax only for the first 7 overnights of your stay.

How much it is to rent house linen?

If don't take your bed linen with you, our service provider can supply them to you (on demand) for 17€ per person for the whole stay. If you take them with you, please read the "Useful information about the villa" to learn about our beds / mattresses dimensions.

How much is the renting guarantee?

The renting guarantee serves to cover the possible damages made in or to the villa by the vacationers. It is a guarantee of 700 Euros. If there are no damages after your stay, the guarantee will be completely paid off to the renter.

4. Availability and reservation modalities

How to know the villa availabilities?

The availability calendar and pricing form contain all the needed information. However, given the fact that the villa is also referenced on other websites, it would be possible that this information is not completely up to date. Thank you than to always send your request beforehand through the link on this page.

What are the payment terms?

By the booking, you have to pay a deposit for an amount corresponding to 50 % of the total rent. Thirty days maximum before the beginning of your stay, you have to pay off the balance. The expenses for the cleaning at the end of your stay (100€) as well as the tourist and environment tax are to be paid directly in cash to our local representative.

What are means of payment authorized to pay the financial commitments?

The payment of the various financial commitments will be made by bank transfer on the account referenced in the rental agreement. On your request, it is also possible to pay it by credit card / "carte bleue" thanks to the secure site of Paypal.

How soon is my reservation confirmed?

When you will have returned us the rental agreement completed and signed, accompanied with the proof of payment of the deposit, your rent will immediately be confirmed.

What is the cancellation policy?

No termination is possible except written agreement by all the parties. In this case, if the vacationer gives up the rent less than 30 days before the beginning of his stay, he will have to pay the all rent price; if the cancellation arises between the 31st and the 60th day before the beginning of his stay, the penalty will equal the amount of the deposit; which is 50 % of the all rent price. In all other cases, the cancellation involves the payment of a fixed amounting of 500€.

5. Maintenance of the villa

When was built the villa?

The villa was built in 2013 and is as such in perfect condition.

Who clean up the villa at the end of the stay?

The cleaning is exclusively done by a professional company and costs 100 €.

Who is maintaining the swimming pool?

We work with a specialized company which maintains properly our swimming pool, checking the cleanliness and the good quality of the water during your stay (twice a week during the peak season).

Where do you have to bring your domestic wastes?

100 meters from the villa, you will find containers of different colors in which you will be allowed to dump your domestic wastes (glass / PVC / paper & carton / domestic wastes).

Who to contact in case of problem in the villa?

Our local representative is at your disposal during your stay in order to find rapidly a solution in case of problem.

6. Formalities on arrival

At what time can you arrive at the villa?

The arrivals take place on Saturday (during the season) from 16 hours until 20 hours. For the late arrivals until 23 hours, an administrative supplement cost can be requested by our local representative.

Where to go on your arrival?

The meeting occurs directly at the villa (Carrer Pardals, 10 - 17310 Lloret de Mar). Our local representative will wait for you there to welcome you. Thank you for warning him about 1 hour before your arrival to the villa. His details and phone number are in the rental agreement.

What do you have to know to benefit the most of the villa?

At your arrival, our local representative will make for you a guided tour of the villa and will detail you the instructions concerning the accommodation. Then, when the latest administrative formalities will be filled in, he will give you the key and leave of you benefit from the villa. Of course, he will always remain available during your stay for any question concerning the accommodation.

To whom do you have to pay the tourist and environmental tax?

At your arrival, our local representative will collect the tax in order to this amount for you to the authorities (0.5€/night/adults). Thank you for giving him a copy of the ID card of every person liable for the tax (adults only).

7. Formalities of departure

At what time do you have to leave the villa?

In order to clean up the house properly for the next vacationers, you will have to leave the villa at 10 am at the latest.

What are the formalities of departure?

The day of the planned departure, our local representative will come to the villa before 10 am in order to take back the keys and acquaint with your remarks to establish the check-out inventory. If you had to leave earlier, you will have to contact our local representative in order to organize the formalities of departure accordingly.

8. Rules and security

Is it authorized to make barbecues?

In the summer, due to the warmth, there are some fire risks. Accordingly, the authorities constraint the use of the barbecue to certain spaces. To this end, the barbecue at your disposal can only be used on the big terrace of the villa (next to the kitchen) and thus forbidden in the garden.

Is it authorized to smoke inside the accommodation?

No, the house being equipped with an alarm system, to smoke inside would provoke immediately the release of the central alarm and the intervention of the safety society. The smokers are thus invited to smoke outside while respecting the safety instructions of fire (ex: do not throw any cigarettes in the nature).

What is the maximal capacity of the villa?

Except agreement, the villa is limited to 10 people.

Are animals accepted in the villa?

Except agreement, animals are not authorized in the villa.


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